Friday, May 22, 2009

Review: The Glass Slipper Project

So I'd wanted to read this book forever. Anything having to do with a fairly tale usually catches my attention and I usually enjoy it so I was so excited when I saw the cover and name of this book. I started reading it in a store once an it started off wonderfully. I unfortunately had to return it to it shelf because Jessie was a little low on money that day <_<. Anyway about to days ago I went to half price book (who now by the way have cameras and security) and what should I see but this book The Glass slipper project which I have been looking for forever! So I bought it and boy do I wish I could take this crap back.

The story is about 4 formerly wealthy sisters who are losing their home. It is sold to their ex-servant's son, Alex. The supposed main couple is Alex and the second oldest sister Isabella. Alex and Isabella grew up together and....You know what let me skip to the chase.

This book had a strong beginning that just disappeared after the ball in the first quarter of the book. The Hero became unlikeable and the heroine TSTL (to stupid to love). She had no freaking backbone. I know that was intentional to show how much she, rather suddenly, changes near the end of the book but it was freaking annoying! She lets her sister run over her, she lets her boss run over her, and she lets the hero run over her. I just really, really didn't like her. Even after she hears what the Hero says about her sisters she doesn't stop her sibling's scheme to marry him to one of the sisters.

Another problem I had with this book was the fact that through most of it he is engaged to one of the sisters. I hate the fact that the hero was attached to another woman. Then when that falls through he decides to marry Isabella. Just like Isabella I felt like she was the second choice. their relationship felt forced.

The end of the book felt rushed. loose ends quickly and rather sloppily tied up. Some of the loose ends weren't even tied up. Like where does Alex's relation with his best friend stand now? I just hated this book. Usually I'll re-read something to make sure I didn't miss anything or just because I liked it. If I re-read this book, it would get chucked against a wall like it almost did while I was reading it.

My grade for the glass slipper project: F as in Fucking Failed!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I really hate it when I grudge the money spent on a book like that.