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Holy crap dudes!

I am reading an old post on DA (dear author) for those out of the loop. I found it via teddy pig when he was discussing why he took EC of his top e-pub list. Holy crap this thread went from bad to worse.

It went from news about EC (ellora's cave) suing Borders, then it went to why EC has a bad print publishing and distribution policy, then it went to EC suing authors, then Jaid Black (aka Tina E.) got in on it accusing anons of having no proof and stating she wished they'd keep their conjecture to themselves (paraphrased), then someone offered to post old e-mails sent by the company, then I guess someone pulled jaid's little happy ass off the blog and the vp came on saying Hell No you can't post any fucking e-mails (Again paraphrasing), then jane called him on his shit, then...OMG...then Cheyenne McCray busted the big one. EC sold her books at an auction for quick cash wthout her knowing.

They sold it to NY publishers and thank god her publisher bid and got it. She's barely getting paid crap for it and she still had to do a lot of work to rewrite it to make it acceptable for NY. Are you fucking kidding me. Damn EC how low can you go?

So let recap this time with quotes ;^) I'm not going to name names becasue you know who you are....

EC suing borders
"I have it on good authority from an industry insider that EC mismanaged its print program and is losing its proverbial shirt on it due to high returns and underestimating just how costly it is to print and distribute books. Borders is woefully mismanaged too, but I doubt Borders is responsible for EC’s losses on the print program. (And even if they are, EC won’t get any money from them; you can’t exactly get blood from a turnip. Borders will either disappear or will be bought out by one of the other chains by the end of the year.)" -

EC has a bad print publishing and distribution policy

Just too many posts to sum up... read #15 &30

EC suing authors
It’s always fun when Ellora’s Cave sues someone.

Ooh, who else have Ellora’s Cave sued?

How about a bunch of their own authors for starters . . ."

Jaid black saying her piece
We do not base what goes into print on RT. We have tried to accomodate as many authors as possible by having their books available at RT to sign, but it’s surely not the basis for deciding when a book goes into print. Please quit stating your assumptions as though they are facts."

(oh snap Ms. Black has a mouth on her! and as entertaining as it is my opinion is that yo should close it... but that comes later. Onward we go!)

Someone offers proof by submitting emails
"You’d really like some of those emails to go public? Seriously?.... God, I wish right now I was a packrat when it comes to saving emails. But I do have a friend who keeps every email post that comes into her box, ... I could ask her for copies and we can post. Sound fair enough? We could do it here on DA, headers, footers and all.

I almost forgot to add this. Things that make you go WOW!
Jaid black
"I know one thing I’d like to see… blog owners not allowing people to state rumors, gossip and assumptions as facts when they offer no proof to back up their claims."

Vp comes on to do damge control
"...authors sign an agreement of confidentiality to protect the business information that is shared on that loop. The EC Biz loop is intended to be a private loop to distribute business information. For an author to release that information (publicly or anon) is in violation of that....

To reiterate, no, we do not give permission to put biz loop posts and private info out onto any public forum...

Darrell King
Executive V.P.
Jasmine-Jade Enterprises

Jane calls him on his shit
"That’s a convenient statement, of course, but Jaid Black is making the accusation that people are liars and inviting them to prove their claims. How do you, on the one hand, call someone to prove it, and in the next breath, say that proving it will amount to a violation of their contract?"

Cheyenne busts the big one that has everyone looking at their contracts
Read post #80. This is one thing you should read to actually see the damage it can do

on to volume 2!

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