Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Really? Is that how it works?

Someone once said, in the numerous “how to write” blogs, that it is important to create time and a comfortable space to write. They said there should be a scheduled time where no one is allowed to intrude on your writing. Because of course everyone can just tell their family to leave them alone and make their rosy cheeked bastards....uh I mean children, sit down somewhere and shut the hell up. Where the computer never crashes and all your hard work isn't lost, where the ideas just flow and your heroine doesn't occasionally piss you off for having an incredibly stupid thought, where you don't have to go backwards in the story to change some things so your heroine doesn't go off half cocked and get herself killed trying to save the alpha hero from himself and....oh is that just me?

The point is, in the real world it doesn't work like that. I think they should amend the list to read “pick a time where no one would want to intrude on your writing time”. Such as at this moment at 1:41 am where all sane people are asleep and all nonsane people at least have lives. Where their children are snoring, as quiet as children ever get unless they're about to destroy something. Where there are no loud cars driving by, where is legal to shoot barking dogs....probably, and where one can just sit and enjoy an ice cream bar in peace. Oh yeah and write.

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